INNOV ENGINEERING GROUP supports the State’s policy in the water sector, and consequently aims to develop expertise at national level and in the sub-region in the areas of:

– Water resources planning,

– Hydrology and water resource management,

– Flood protection,

– Hydroelectricity.

INNOV ENGINEERING GROUP is working on new areas, in particular studies of the impact of climate change on water resources, flood forecasting and management, studies of hydroelectric power stations on behalf of private developers, and export development.



  • Water resources management and planning

– Study of surface water resources

 Master plans, revaluation studies, hydrology of dams and catchment areas: Flood studies, solid and liquid inputs,

 Planning and management of water resources: Dam management using hydrological forecasting models as part of PDAIRES,

 Hydraulic modelling: dam burst waves, hydraulic models of wadis and spreading areas (1D and 2D).

  • Study of groundwater resources

– Hydrogeological study and mathematical modelling of aquifer and groundwater systems,

– Catchment field rehabilitation study,

– Artificial recharge,

– Hydrogeological studies of underground dams.

  • Flood studies and protection

– Hydrology and hydraulics

– Flood protection schemes

– Two-dimensional modelling of flood plains

– Recalibration studies

– Appraisal of floodwater control structures

– Delimitation studies of public hydraulic domains

  • Hydro-electricity

– Studies to assess hydroelectric potential

– Rehabilitation studies for hydroelectric power stations,

– Technical assistance for the supervision of adaptation, renovation and maintenance work on hydraulic and electromechanical equipment

– Study of hydroelectric plants

– Study of micro-power stations

– Assessment of hydromechanical and electrical equipment at dams

– Studies of treatment, pumping, transfer and lifting stations

– Technical assistance for dam equipment installation work