Urban development

INNOV ENGINEERING GROUP protects and capitalises on its knowledge of urban development, enabling it to position itself among the leaders in this field. The department has a panel of experts involved in all the engineering specialities relating to urban development, from feasibility studies to acceptance of works:

  • Road and traffic studies, including junctions, hoppers, car parks and footpaths,
  • Wastewater and stormwater drainage studies,
  • Electrification studies (medium and low voltage), public lighting and telephony,
  • Drinking water supply studies,
  • Studies of watering networks for green spaces,
  • Studies, supervision and technical control of works,
  • Planning, management and coordination of external works and planting.
  • Participation in the preparation of master plans,
  • Design of external works networks,
  • Special works (pumping stations, wastewater treatment plants and storm water basins, etc.).
  • Technical project management,
  • Development of parks,
  • Watering of green spaces,


  • Development of urban centres
  • Development of tourist areas
  • Development of industrial parks, technology parks and free zones
  • Golf course development