Advisory services

Our ambition goes beyond what we design. We want to contribute to a better quality of life for people and a better environment, and for that we are willing to share our passion, creativity and expertise.

The most important decisions are made at the earliest stages of the design process, based on scenario analysis that measures and balances the technical, operational and economic benefits. This is where our multidisciplinary teams come in.

The promotion of diversity within the group and the composition of experienced teams in fields as varied as engineering and social sciences stimulate our creative thinking and add value to our projects. IEG aims to combine the expertise of its teams with an understanding of local realities to better meet the needs of its clients.

To ensure evidence-based decision making, we offer our expertise in data analysis, combining our in-depth knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Business Intelligence (BI) tools and Data Analytics.

Our services cover all aspects of a project. This is a considerable asset that allows us to have a broader vision and to develop integrated solutions within a sustainable development logic.