INNOV ENGINEERING GROUP supports agricultural and rural development in Cameroon. It relies on its various experts to capitalise on unique know-how in hydro-agricultural development, irrigation, agriculture and capacity building in rural areas.

INNOV ENGINEERING GROUP is involved in the implementation of major hydro-agricultural development projects and has studied more than 800,000 ha of irrigation or rain-fed agriculture perimeters. It is the main provider of agricultural and irrigation advice for large-scale hydraulic schemes undergoing collective conversion to localised irrigation.

INNOV ENGINEERING GROUP supports contractors, financial backers, agricultural water users and farmers in the development of agricultural projects.


  • Irrigation, drainage and land development

– Inventory and assessment of natural resources (water and soil);

– Master plans and feasibility studies for hydro-agricultural development;

– Study of water mobilisation and transfer facilities;

– Study of irrigation and drainage networks;

– Studies to modernise irrigation systems into localised irrigation systems;

– Feasibility, pre-project and execution studies for rural tracks;

– Anti-erosion schemes

  • Hydro-agricultural schemes

– Hydro-agricultural development studies for conversion areas and sectors;

– Irrigation water supply implementation studies;

– Agro-economic studies and socio-economic evaluation;

– Basic topographic work and soil reconnaissance;

– Audits of hydro-agricultural development studies and works.

  • Rural development

– General studies of agricultural development and marketing of agricultural products;

– Regional agro-socio-economic studies;

– Development proposals and intervention programmes;

– Financial and economic evaluation of projects;

– Project monitoring and evaluation;

– Studies into the impact of urbanisation on agricultural land.


  • Technical assistance

– Technical assistance for arboriculture work;

– Supervision, monitoring and acceptance of planting work;

– Carrying out training sessions for farmers, professional organisations and local players in the project areas;

– Technical assistance to support farmers and their partners in the sectors concerned by irrigation modernisation projects.